Tjaša Zakinja

Tjasa is a meticulous hairdresser who values taking her time to create each hairstyle. With over 20 years of experience, she has accumulated numerous milestones throughout her career. In her younger years, she gained valuable experience as a long-standing manager at Simple salon. Tjasa has received training from renowned domestic and international masters, including Mahogany - London, Robert Cromeans - London, Steve Turner - London, and Christiano Lanza - London.

She has completed training programs at L'Oreal Professionel and attended various styling and color seminars. Tjasa also participated in a Kydra by Phyto color technique seminar in Paris, among other educational endeavors.

In 2010 and 2011, Tjasa was honored as the best hairdresser at Simple Domzale. She joined the medinmleko® team in 2012, showcasing her talent and passion for the craft. However, Tjasa's heart led her to the coast, where she started a family and temporarily departed from the medinmleko® team.

It was always evident that Tjasa would return as soon as medinmleko® salon in Koper opened it's doors. Today, you can find her there, continuing to work her magic and delighting clients with her exceptional skills.
We believed that it is possible to build a world-class beauty salon that you can leave not only well groomed and stylish, but above all relaxed. It was with this vision in mind that the magic of medinmleko’s beauty was founded.
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