Sandra Vlahović

Sandra is an adventurous and imaginative hairdresser who fearlessly embraces new ideas. If you're seeking a transformative makeover, she is the perfect choice as she effortlessly brings out the best in everyone. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Sandra has honed her skills and expertise through continuous learning and exploration, both domestically and internationally.

Her journey led her to Italy, where she served as a salon manager for Jean Louis David. During her time there, she had the privilege of training at their prestigious academy alongside renowned figures in the field of coloring and styling, such as Mateo Modula, Tiziano Ross, and Angelita. Sandra also conducted seminars and worked behind the scenes for numerous fashion magazines.

Sandra has undergone extensive training with prominent brands including Schwarzkopf, Redken, L'Oreal, Kydra by Phyto colors, Kérastase hair care, Moroccanoil, Alterna, and Redken. Additionally, she refined her makeup skills under the guidance of Empera Atrizz.

Captivated by the rapid growth and enchanting allure of medinmleko® magic of beauty, Sandra made the decision to leave Italy and join the esteemed medinmleko® team in Ljubljana. Following her maternity leave, she embarked on a new chapter in her career at a brand-new medinmleko® salon in Koper, where she currently works.
We believed that it is possible to build a world-class beauty salon that you can leave not only well groomed and stylish, but above all relaxed. It was with this vision in mind that the magic of medinmleko’s beauty was founded.
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