Nina Mauser

Nina became a valuable member of medinmleko® team in 2016, immediately after completing her studies at the prestigious High School of Hairdressing in Ljubljana. Her exceptional skills and dedication earned her a place among the top eleven students at the school. Prior to joining medinmleko®, Nina had the opportunity to participate in the renowned Erasmus project, where she embarked on a student exchange to Finland in March 2015. During her time there, she took part in the Wella and Goldwell fashion shows held in Seinajoki, leaving a lasting impression.

Throughout her three years of high school, Nina consistently chose medinmleko® as her internship location, continually impressing all with her quick learning abilities. Her talent and dedication were so remarkable that medinmleko® principals couldn't bear to let her go once she completed her studies. Since then, Nina has firmly established her position within medinmleko® team and continues to enhance her expertise. Recently, she has participated in seminars focusing on Kydra by Phyto colors and Olaplex care, further expanding her knowledge.

In addition to her achievements in the field of hairdressing, Nina's thirst for knowledge led her to pursue studies at the High School of Cosmetology. However, her passion for continuous learning prompted her to enroll in the Erudio High School, specializing in cosmetology, where she is currently working on her diploma thesis.

Nina's dedication, remarkable skills, and commitment to self-improvement make her an invaluable asset to medinmleko® team. They are happy and proud to have her as part of their family.
We believed that it is possible to build a world-class beauty salon that you can leave not only well groomed and stylish, but above all relaxed. It was with this vision in mind that the magic of medinmleko’s beauty was founded.
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