Naja Rus

Even from a young age, Naja found joy in creating unique hairstyles and unleashing her creativity. It is this passion that led her to pursue a career as a hairdresser, a profession she considers the most beautiful and wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Naja's journey in the hairdressing industry began at the medinmleko® salons while she was still in school, and now she has become an experienced and skilled hairdresser. Despite her youth, Naja has already built a loyal clientele who leave the salon with a smile, delighted by their beautiful hairstyles. With her excellent communication skills and penchant for change, you can always expect an exciting experience in her chair.

During her education, Naja showcased her talent by participating in a precision haircut competition, where she ranked among the top 10 competitors. She also successfully completed the Prisma geometric haircut school and attended various seminars on hair cutting, coloring, care, and hair extension techniques. Naja stays updated on the latest fashion trends and loves to experiment with new styles. She is confident that soon she will be setting trends herself, as she believes that anything is possible with the support of the medinmleko® team.
We believed that it is possible to build a world-class beauty salon that you can leave not only well groomed and stylish, but above all relaxed. It was with this vision in mind that the magic of medinmleko’s beauty was founded.
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