Jernej Bernetič

Despite his youth, Jernej has already accumulated a wealth of practical knowledge in all areas of hairdressing during his internship at the salon as a student. He had the opportunity to work as a hair stylist for fashion magazines alongside his mentor at the time. Notably, he participated in the hairdressing festival at the Economic Exhibition Center in Ljubljana on three occasions, showcasing his talent and passion.

As a third-year student, Jernej embarked on an international project and spent three weeks in Plymouth, England, immersing himself in the local hairdressing culture and expanding his horizons.

After completing his studies, Jernej's journey led him to Sezana, where he gained valuable experience working directly with clients. He continuously upgrades his knowledge in hairdressing and has attended numerous seminars focusing on various coloring and cutting techniques.

Today, Jernej eagerly shares his expertise in the enchanting atmosphere of medinmleko® salon, alongside a wonderful team, as he continues to grow and flourish in his hairdressing career.

Speaks languages / Slovenian - Italian - English

We believed that it is possible to build a world-class beauty salon that you can leave not only well groomed and stylish, but above all relaxed. It was with this vision in mind that the magic of medinmleko’s beauty was founded.
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