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The magic of medinmleko’s beauty salons was founded 10 years ago by Saša Kersnik, a great connoisseur of beauty and fashion.

Some of you know her as your hairdresser, many as the owner of medinmleko salons, and thousands of you have already tried her advice on IG and FB in practice.
  • Refreshments Provided
  • Consulting - included in the price of services
  • Parking Provided
  • Fast WiFi
Saša regularly trains her team and also passes on her knowledge to other hairdressers in Slovenia and abroad. It is probably no coincidence that she has been chosen as an official brand ambassador by the world's largest haircare and cosmetics brands.



medinmleko salons take care of healthy hair with gleaming shine, stunning color shades, and precise haircuts - the kind that last.

Continuous education, global trendspotting, and extensive experience in premium hairdressing enable us to always be one step ahead of the rest.

We are the flagship salons for the brands Moroccanoil, Olaplex, Kydra by Phyto, and Kérastase.


Every customer is an ambassador of the medinmleko® brand, so we make sure that your appearance inspires any and all onlookers.

Before beginning with your requested service, we always take the time to present our idea and refine it together with you so that the final image is exactly as your desire, and our mission is successfully completed.

Consulting is already included in the price of services.



In addition to professional face and body care, we also offer eyelash extensions, trimmed eyebrows, manicures, gel-gelish-or-traditional nails, waxing and everything you need to shine.

The guiding principle behind the beauty medinmleko’s magic is that you can get everything in one place and come out well-groomed from head to toe, and we also supply you with professional home care products as you walk out the door.

Glamorous from head to toe.

Online drugstore

Online drugstore

  • 100% original products with verified origin
  • Surprise with every purchase
  • Always fresh and new products
  • Tested in medinmleko beauty salons
The medinmleko.shop online drugstore offers professional products of the highest quality, which are also used daily at medinmleko’s salons. In the online drugstore, you therefore have no need to worry about quality, just choose what you need and head to checkout.
I always come to medinmleko with great pleasure. I have trusted them for years. Excellence and an infectiously good mood... they always serve me with that :) I remain their loyal customer.
Author & Performer
My favorite spot in a city is obviously where I come to nourish myself... well my hair, at least, and me too! Where I shine, on my head and on my face! Where I return again and again. To find that smile that always comes to my face when the makeup brushes are put away and the hair dryer is turned off 🙂 you are simply the best! Honey in my milk!
Naty Rawdon Jones
Supermodel - Miami
Saša and her energy, which she transferred to her super "medinmleko" team, are everything a top salon needs - joy, dedication, professionalism, a touch of craziness, creative playfulness, and sincere care for customers. Medinmleko rules!!!
Rok Golob
Composer - Musician
I fell in love with medinmleko when Sasa did my hair for the first time. I've been looking for a hairdresser in Slovenia for several years who would be able to satisfy my wishes because I work in a business where my hair must always look the best it can. They always manage to do that at medinmleko. They welcome you smiling, friendly and professional.
Ana Colja
I like medinmleko because it is something special. The hairstyle is always on point, and the quality of my hair just keeps getting better and better. They work with their heart and you can feel it. When I'm there, I smile, relax and leave with great color and a fresh hairstyle.
Teja Jugovic
Coolmamacita - Influencer
Medinmleko is one of the most professional hair salons I have ever experienced! The service is always top-notch, my hair is in great shape thanks to the premium products they use, their salons are nicely decorated and clean, and the staff is always friendly. I highly recommend it, the experience is great in every way!
Nataša Briški
Journalist - Adventurer


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We believed that it is possible to build a world-class beauty salon that you can leave not only well groomed and stylish, but above all relaxed. It was with this vision in mind that the magic of medinmleko’s beauty was founded.
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